Habs Prospects, Just One Reason to Watch the Memorial Cup

Spring is in full swing. The leaves on the trees are coming out; the flowers are in full bloom... Normally I’d be ignoring all of this as I sit in front of my computer watching the NHL playoffs. But with all the teams I decided to cheer for now out of the running (or never in the running to begin with), I’m not too interested in the NHL playoffs these days. Thankfully for me, the Memorial Cup is just around the corner.

Christmas in June: Nail Yakupov

Welcome to the Nail Yakupov show! At least that is what the OHL color commentators say every time Yakupov dazzles the crowd with an astounding array of skill and speed that ends up with a puck in the back of the net.

First Look at 2013 Draft Prospects: Finland, Russia, Germany, Denmark

The future looks bright. Not only for Canada, Sweden and the United States, but also for other countries that participated in the 2012 U-18 World Championship. This time, we'll take a look at those Finnish, Russian, German and Danish prospects, which won't be draft-eligible until 2013.

First Look at 2013 Draft Prospects: Canada, USA, Sweden

This time, we're not only heading back to the top countries, but also further into the future. Let's take a look at those players that will be drafted after the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Focus on Draft-eligible Prospects from Czech Republic: Teams Russia, Germany

Team Russia ended the event in the fifth place drawing a lot of disappointment from scouts, journalists and fans. Just like usual, Russia had one big problem – lack of team play.

Focus on Draft-eligible Prospects from Czech Republic: Teams Canada, Finland

In the goal crease, there was a pleasant surprise for Team Canada. Matt Murray grabbed a chance of being the number-one with high-ranked Brandon Whitney sidelined due to an injury and he made the best of it.