FEATURE | Brampton Beast Mid-season Report Cards

(Photo by Amy Johnson | © Rocket Sports Media) Mandatory Credit Required

by Mike Ries, Staff Writer, AHL Report

(Photo by Amy Johnson | © Rocket Sports Media) Mandatory Credit Required

BRAMPTON, ON. — It’s time again for my mid-season report cards for the Brampton Beast (regular players only.)  While the Beast have continued to struggle this season, currently last in the North Division of the Eastern Conference, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The team has a solid group of players who are capable of finishing the second half strong.


Andrew D’Agostini

With the constant movement of goaltenders this season by the Canadiens and Senators,  Andrew has been the go-to guy for Brampton and the most consistent goaltender to suit up for the Beast.  While he is not blessed with overall great ability, D’Agostini makes up for it with effort and determination and is a leader on the team. A

Marcus Hogberg

Marcus struggled when he started the season with the Beast as he acclimatized himself with the North American game.  But as the season rolled on, his natural athletic ability came through and looked comfortable in between the pipes.  Hogberg has been recalled on numerous occasions and looks better every time we see him play.  His potential is limitless at this point in his career.  B-


Paul Cianfrini

The veteran defenceman has been solid in the role he has been given with the Beast.  While not the best skater, he is positionally sound and has an active stick in the lanes.  With the depth the Beast have on the back end, Cianfrini is lost in the shuffle at times.  But overall, he is a good third pair defenceman. B

Reggie Traccitto

The veteran has come into his own this season and is playing the best hockey of his career.  Traccitto is an offensive threat as well as solid rearguard in his own end.  His ability to process the game has increased from last season and has become one the leaders on the team.  A-

Cody Donaghey

Cody has ability beyond the ECHL and has been recalled by Belleville on numerous occasions.  His ability to process the game at a faster rate than the play at a young age says a lot for his skill set.  Versed at both ends of the ice, Donaghey can take the team on his back if he chooses at this level.  B

Mike Folkes

In his second season with the Beast, the hard nosed defenceman has seen his role diminished this year with team depth.  With his lack of ice time, Folkes still is a physical presence and sound positionally. C+

Jordan Henry

The true leader on this team Jordan has been missed as he recovers from an injury.  Henry  may have lost a step since last season but he is another player who processes the game faster than it is played as he can anticipate very well.  He also is continuing to produce offensively and his return is much needed by the Beast.  A+

Willie Corrin 

Corrin is probably the biggest surprise on the blueline for the Beast.  Willie would undoubtedly be the ECHL defenceman point-leader had he not spent considerable time with the Laval Rocket.  Corrin is an excellent skater at this level and has a great ability to find the open man out of his own zone.  He also has an NHL-caliber shot from the point. B+

Matt Petgrave

One cannot rave enough about this player. Petgrave excels at either forward or defence, scores from either position and is, by far, the best skater on the team.  Matt is blessed with a high hockey I.Q. and a strong desire to compete.  A++


David Vallorani

Continuing where he left off from last season, Vallorani is the best point producer the Beast have and is a threat to score from anywhere on the ice.  Not blessed with size or a great skating ability, David makes up for it with an excellent hockey I.Q. A+

Luc-Olivier Blain

The veteran forward has been a serviceable player for the Beast this season even though his skill set is not what it was a season ago.  As a result, Blain has seen reduced ice time this year.  Should he improve his 200-foot game, Blain may garner himself more ice time.  B

Stefan Fournier

A strong physical player and one of the few remaining tough guys in the ECHL, Fournier is a player who doesn’t back down from anyone. Stefan can also contribute offensively at times.  An emphasis on his back-checking would help Fournier’s game enormously.  C+

Chris Leveille

The winger returns for his second season with the Beast and has been a nice surprise at both ends of the rink as his game continues to develop. Leveille has the ability to be a consistent top-six forward in this league if he can keep his point total up. C

Alex Foster

The AHL veteran comes to the Beast with a ton of pro experience and has fit right in on the top line. Earlier Foster was scoring at a point a game pace.  He still has the ability to play at the AHL level and is another player who processes the game at this level faster than it is played.  Foster could be this season’s MVP of the Beast.  A+

Brandon MacLean

One of the top Beast forwards last season, Brandon has struggled this season to repeat that performance.  MacLean is still a solid two-way player but he has been guilty of taking lazy penalties at times and not finishing strong at the net.  C-

Brandon Marino

The Beast captain is a consistent performer this season as he has throughout his pro career. Marino is a solid two-way player and is proficient on special teams. Brandon can be moved to any forward position and excel. B-



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