Christmas in June: Radek Faksa


by JHabs,

MONTREAL, QC. — At a daunting six foot three, two hundred pounds, Radek Faksa brings an enticing package of towering size, speed, skill and strength. Faksa, born in Opava, Czech Republic, was drafted 22nd overall by the Kitchener Rangers in the 2011 CHL Import draft, and since then has had a stellar rookie campaign.

(Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

Faksa brings solid offensive instincts, mixed with great speed, superb hockey sense, and quick decision making. Faksa has a solid wrister that he can deploy effortlessly, and while it has not been classified as an elite shot, scouts say it is extremely deceptive, and catches many goaltenders off guard with the alarming speed and accuracy.  It has been said that Faksa’s hockey sense is borderline elite, and is often been referred to as his best asset. Along with Faksa’s mouth-watering package, he brings strong physical play, and excels at working in the dirty areas. Due to Faksa’s strong hockey sense he often is in the right place at the right time which can do wonders for any teammate who are looking to make a quick outlet pass.

While Faksa’s assets seem like the ideal combination for a big center; it is the belief of many scouts that none of his assets are truly elite and if he could take any one of them to the next level he could be considered a strong candidate to be a top line player. As mentioned, Faksa’s hockey sense is the closest to an elite-level, but it’s been said that if he could develop more confidence in his skill, and trust his abilities, he could be a dominant player in the NHL. The beneficial aspect to this would be that confidence is often earned through experience; therefore it is not out of the question that Faksa can develop into a top-line forward. Due to Radek’s size, and board-play, it is the belief of some scouts that he may be converted to a wing position to be used more effectively. Radek must also develop more strength to truly harness the power of his six foot three frame.

Faksa is an excellent player with a very bright future; with his strong two-way ability, and great hockey sense, he could develop into a solid second line center. If he manages to excel in his development, and gain confidence, along with improving his speed he could fit the mold of a strong 1B center that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Drafting players is often referred to as an art-form, with NHL scouts wielding their picks as a painter would his paintbrush; if all goes well for Radek Faksa he could be a great pick in the 2012 NHL Entry draft.

Radek Faksa is projected to go anywhere between picks ten and fifteen.



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