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Putting Pieces Together | Press Zone ep. 267

Putting Pieces Together | Press Zone ep. 267

The Press Zone Podcast ep 267 | Laval Rocket, Rocket, AHL, Montreal Canadiens, NHL, Rocket Sports Media, hockey, prospects

ROCKET SPORTS MEDIA — Welcome to The Press Zone for hockey prospects on Rocket Sports Radio! This premier podcast is featured on The AHL Report, and provides hockey fans with the latest news, analysis, and commentary regarding the Montreal Canadiens, Laval Rocket, and teams all around the AHL.

The Press Zone on Rocket Sports Radio

Our podcast hosts Rick Stephens (@AllHabs) and Amy Johnson (@FlyersRule) will provide information on the American Hockey League, as well as the ECHL, junior hockey leagues, international hockey, prospects, and potential NHL draftees.  It’s an informative and entertaining weekly show brought to you by a team of credentialed, knowledgeable hockey journalists!

This Week’s Topics

Segment 1: Montreal Canadiens & Laval Rocket

  • Laval Rocket roster predictions
  • Stephane Robidas hired as Canadiens assistant coach
  • Laval video coach promoted to NHL club

Segment 2: AHL and Beyond

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  1. salut-bien chers amis,
    merci pour les infos,analises,projections,
    just caught up with the podcast
    world juniors?guhle et company.slaf et company,etc.
    let them play!once in a life-time opportunity.youth and innoccence will soon be replaced with its anti-thesis?
    the pro world/life can wait,a few more weeks,,,!
    in fact,CH and the other pro clubs should be encouraging/aiding/facilitating participation.
    if it was me?i would tell kent et associes “see you in septembre”.my teamCanada is calling,,,
    ps,running up the score is never a good thing.especially when the playing field is not even.
    merci pour l’ecoute
    portez-vous tous bien
    familleCH toujours,
    malgres le tout


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